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Cameron Highlands is the smallest district of the largest state of Pahang in Malaysia. Situated almost 1,500 meters above the sea level, it is the highest point in Malaysia accessible by cars.

Considering its close proximity from the equator, Cameron Highlands gives a relief from the sultry heat around the year. It is blessed with wonderfully pleasant weather right through the year and thus remains one of the hotspots for tourists, Malaysians as well as for the foreigners.

The average temperature of Cameron Highlands is almost 10° Celsius, which is much below the average temperature of the whole of Malaysia and makes it a great weekend escape as well. It is therefore not surprising that the hotels in Cameron Highlands entertain guests throughout the year.
Cameron Highlanders experience two long monsoons, the north-east monsoon from November to March and the south-west monsoon from May to September. As the south-west monsoon shower more rain it is advisable to visit Cameron Highlands in months December to February. It sometimes gets really cold in the monsoon and can be a delightful experience. For travel enthusiasts and true nature lovers, this is good time to visit the place as the hills look most beautiful when it rains and so does Cameron Highlands. It is the time of the year when Cameron Highlands become lush green. Monsoon makes the Highlands’ hills misty and more beautiful.

Comparatively dryer and warmer months from April to June are the months of summer. This is in fact the season for strawberries and they are yet another reason for making Cameron Highlands one of the most sought after place in Malaysia. It is among only few places in Malaysia where strawberries are commercially cultivated. It is always a treat for the visitors to hike in the fields with blooming strawberries. And the weather is quite ideal for tourists to move around since there is not much rainfall in this season and the skies remain bright and clear. The temperatures do soar a bit, but is still quite comfortable compared to the rest of Malaysia.

The best season to visit Cameron Highlands is from December to February. People who want to experience the cold weather do visit the place a lot during this time of the year. However, it is advisable to travel in off seasons to get discounts in Cameron Highlands Hotels. The place looks far more beautiful with less people around. Streets are less crowded and the traffic is mostly smooth.
It is advised to the tourists visiting Cameron Highlands to read about the weather for-cast beforehand and carry proper rain covers every time they walk out of their hotel rooms. It is sensible to take shelter in restaurants or shades whenever it starts raining as it can start pouring heavily anytime but eventually it stops in maximum of couple of hours and after that the place looks afresh.  

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Weather In Cameron Highlands

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This article was published on 2011/04/22