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When the soul and body weary of its daily routine and when you need a little dose of happiness and peace, Malaysia is the place to visit. Its beaches are like a tonic for tired minds and as soon as you step foot on them you can feel yourself getting rejuvenated. Malaysia is noted for its sugar fine sand and the surreal blue of it's seas. Whether it's in the 5 star hotels in Malaysia or in a budget hotel, Malaysia offers comfortable accommodation for everyone. Excitehotels.com procures this accommodation by negotiating on behalf of its customers and gives great deals to everyone with up to 75% discount.

Though predominantly Malay, Malaysia also has people of Chinese, Indian, mixed and also of aborigine origins. They are an eclectic mix from the urban Kuala Lumpur dweller to the headhunters of Borneo.

Its landscapes are as varied and distinctive as its people. From unending sandy beaches to Highlands to dense rainforests and mangrove estuaries, explore Malaysia to your heart's content and never claim boredom. Malaysia has a reasonably well-developed tourist infrastructure which allows you to enjoy Nature's beauty in comfort, in some of the premier 5 star hotels in Malaysia. 4 star hotels in Malaysia offer almost the same comfort as their counterparts around the world with reasonable prices.

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Malaysia's wildlife is elusive and increasingly on the endangered list. The government has taken active steps to preserve its natural heritage. The most famous of Malaysia's fauna is the Orangutan. Distinctive for its orange gold color, discover how orphaned Orangutans are rehabilitated to the wild. Over 75 percent of Malaysia is forested so it's an ideal place for eco tourism. You'll find that there are some 5 star hotels in Malaysiasituated in national park limits. Some 4 star hotels in Malaysia offer you the best of all worlds since they're set on the beach with the rain forest on the sides.

There is a range of activity you can do from trekking the forests to white water rafting and scuba diving. Shopping is also an indulgence for all visitors. Stay in the 5 star hotels in Malaysiaand indulge yourself at reasonable rates. All star hotels like 4 star hotels in Malaysia offer excellent food, much of which is prepared to suit Western taste. For a taste of local Malaysian delicacies, venture into the local hawker eateries or the markets.

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Experience a Taste of Malaysia

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This article was published on 2010/09/07